Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've been tagged byViolet of Vi's craft corner to name 6 weird things about me

Okay here goes

1. When having a meal if there is more than one different sauce put out and I can't decide on which one to have, I will have them all.

2. I love dunking toast and vegemite into my cup of milo, have done ever since I was a kid.

3. I wont drive in the cities, I've never had to when we go there so I don't.

4. When we go out it never fails I have to run back inside to go to the toilet, even if we are only going to be 5 mins.

5. When I send mail I have to check address half a dozen times to make sure I have them right.

6. I can't put gas into our car, I can petrol but not gas so my dear hubby has to fill the car up all the time.

Okay there you have it, now I tag Michelle, Bernadette , Shelli, have to come back with some more names :-)

All you have to do is name 6 weird things about yourself then go tag whoever you want to (6 people)

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