Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally back

Wow! hasn't time gone by, hope everyone had a great easter and easter bunny was good to them, my computer decided to die so my dh has fixed up a spare computer for me to use thank god except on my old one I had heaps of pics to put on here, hopefully soon he will be able to put my hard drive in this one and get everything back.

My dh gave me a fantastic surprises, a Janome 300e machine, I just love it, I didn't realise how much you could do on an embroidery machine and am well and truly hooked, just can't get over he was able to keep it so quiet and not let me know but I am so glad he did, it is one surprise I won't forget. :-)

Anyway as soon as everything is fixed up I will post pics of what I've been up to.


Gerry said...

Welcome back!!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much Gerry :-)

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