Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Mum's Bag

This is a bag I made up for my mum for her birthday, really didn't know it it would work out as I was just making it up as I went a long. I machine embroidered a cross stitch flower for the frount, the frount pocket zips out, it has a zip pocket, card pockets and an extended pocket, inside the bag is just a zip pocket and a zip pocket on the back of the bag as well. My mum really like it and uses it all the time, I was worried it may have been a bit heavy but mum thinks its great so Im happy.


dorothy said...

You made that? wow that is really impressive. It must have been quite hard to get the stitching correct i imagine but it looks like there is pletny of room inside. WEll done!

reborn dolls

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :-)

yep it was a little tricky to do but really enjoyed making it, just wish I did a pattern to it so I could remember what I did.. ;-)

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