Saturday, October 21, 2006

busy time

Well the time has gone fast this week, I really haven't done much at all, I have been busy with other things but I know I have to get stuck into what I want to do as time is going by,

I need to make three christmas stockings for the grandsons and one for Jacob, make a cot quilt for the new grandson coming and I have started making a new daffy down dilly doll and teddy bear,plus other little projects I want to get done,

oh well going to keep me busy for a little bit as I finish them I'll put pictures up.


Violet said...

Hi Lisa :) Looking forward to seeing pictures. What sort of christmas stocking are you making for the boys?

Lisa said...

Hi Vi, I'm going to cheat, I have some christmas stocking panels left from a couple of years ago so I will be finally getting around to making them :-)

Violet said...

Oh I love christmas stocking easy, yet effective. Had any time for sewing yet Lisa? Update Update..looking for an update!! hehe sorry...having a cheeky moment here. lol

Lisa said...

hehehe....oh I have been trying Vi to get things done

I've had Jacob sick this week and other stuff havent had time to get any sewing done :-(

hopefully will beable to get things done by the end of this weekend and pics up by monday :-)

Violet said...

oh :-( I hope Jacob gets better soon. Give him hugs from us!!

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