Friday, November 10, 2006


Thought I should put an update on what I have or more like haven't been doing, unfortunately my son has been sick, ear infection, flu, teething problems so I haven't been able to get alot of sewing done.

But I have finished one christmas stocking just gotta get hubby to put the pic on for me and I will put it up and bubs is getting better so over the next few weeks hopefully I will be very busy and get things finished.

Would you belive though while I was making the christmas stocking I actually run out of black cotton, couldn't belive it because one thing should always have at least on hand is black and white cotton, anyway I went running to the shops to get some more and what happens when I get home, I bought navy..ahhh teach me for not taking my time and look properly.


CBM said...

Hi Lisa,
I have practically given up shopping-a very unhappy 2 year old shopper does not a happy shopping experience make. I can get a lot of things mail order but not thread, and a good habadashery range.

Lisa said...

Hi Coryn, 2 year olds can make it a very unhappy shopping experience sometimes and especially when your in a hurry, I try to make shopping when hubby can come with me but sometimes you just gotta run to the shops by yourself and then it can be fun.

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