Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mums Mothers Day Pressie

A last minute thought I decided to make a bag for my mum this year,I only got it finished half an hour before having to give it to her.
Mum has alot of doctor appointments at the moment and alot of sitting around to do so I thought a bag that she could use to just keep everything in for that would be good for her.
So inside it I made it with, on one side 2 pockets and on the other side, pockets to keep appointment cards in, a pen, mobile phone, a smaller pocket and the bag to have enough room to hold a diary and puzzle magazine in as she loves to do them.
I thought adding the sunflower material would brighten it up for her.

hehe...the fingers you can see holding the bag open belong to my mum and my Dh, my mum really liked the bag.


Niki said...

Cute bag! Usually a lurker. Come by and check out my blog and join my first contest ever! lol. I have very few entries, at this point.

Lisa said...

Thanks Niki :-)

AimlessDaze said...

What a neat bag... and an excellent, well thought out gift for your Mum!

Man, you were cutting it close to the line, eh? 1/2 hour... sounds like me! ;o)

Lisa said...

Thanks heaps Aims :-)

I'm bad, I never seem to finish things to its nearly time to give to people, must try to change

monART said...

This is really neat sewing, the colours: I like it! I like it!

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