Monday, October 22, 2007

My Poor Blog

Well I have been really neglecting my blog lately, I've been taking a break from things and the computer has been one of them, even really haven't done much sewing either but all nice and refreshed now and time to get stuck back into it all, specially with christmas coming, thinking of doing a lot of handmade pressies this year and typical spotlight has a big sale on today, wish I knew about it before I went shopping on the

Well will be back later, I do have some pics to put on here that have been waiting a while.


monART said...

welcome back to your blog ;-)
Curious to see what you're making..or is it a supprise ;-)

Lisa said...

Thank you Mon :-)

hehehe...a few things I am making at the moment are secret but some things I will be able to put up soon.

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