Friday, August 31, 2007

Zakke Swap

We had a zakka swap at Crafty Mamas and this is what my very talented swap partner Mon made for me. Mon has painted the most gorgeous cat and rabbit on the bag and also added the cat, flower, rabbit and strawberry in kanji writing. Mon has done such a great job on the bag and she also sells them you can see more of them at her esty shop.

Mon also sent me a crochet beaded necklace and some really cute cards as well, I really got spoiled in this swap, I hope what I made, Mon will like but I can't show a pic yet as its still on the way to her.

You can also see more things Mon does on her blog :-)


monART said...

So sweet of you Lisa! Had much fun making the bag. The necklase though I threw in as an extra (was afraid it was sparrow fart lol). I made it some time ago. Thank you so much for linking to my shop.
I really can't wait to receive your swap!
You'll hear it as soon as I get it ;-)

Crafty Mama said...

Adorable...she is a clever chicky, that Mon!

Violet said...

Hey Lisa...I have name tagged you...check out my blog for details. I hope you don't mind. LOL

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